Unlock Free Cyber Resilience Act Assessments for Singapore IoT Products with Fly Pipper & i46!

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Singapore Companies: Seize Your Free Cyber Resilience Act Assessment from Fly Pipper and i46 - Elevate IoT Security Today!

27/03/2024 – Fly Pipper is pleased to announce that the partnership with i46 has reached a significant milestone and we are offering a limited number of FREE Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) assessments to Singapore-based companies of their IoT products now.


One of the first legislative proposals of its kind in history from EU, the CRA seeks to improve the cyber security of digital products and software that are ubiquitous in our daily lives, from Wifi, smart watches, smart speakers, CCTV to even routers and firewalls. It also aims to empower consumers to make more informed decisions when choosing and utilising Internet of Things (IoT) devices. All products covered by this regulation that are placed on the EU market after the CRA goes into effect, whether they are supplied by an EU company or not, must be cyber secure.


Together with i46, Fly Pipper can assist Singapore companies to get their IoT products for CRA assessment and certified of cyber safe and secure through utilizing tool.


With, you can:

  • Achieve faster compliance with the new CRA requirements.
  • Generate the EU Declaration of Conformity and CE marking.
  • Avoid market exclusion and ensure continued access to the European Single Market.
  • Future-proof your business with robust cybersecurity practices.
  • Have a trust-worthy EU Authorized Representative.
  • Gain a competitive edge by demonstrating your commitment to secure products.

Start your Free CRA assessment now and click on the following.

Get your free CRA assessment


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