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Outsourcing HR functions has become a strong trend as businesses become increasingly specialized and more complex. Many companies previously viewed payroll management, employee benefits, or employee relations as part of the core business. The COVID-19 epidemic with lockdowns and quarantines made everyone change this point of view.

Outsourcing HR also allows companies to manage conflicts and create company policies without needing a full-time HR team; attending to internal employee conflicts and addressing their concerns, in turn, building a positive relationship between the company and its employees. Instead of dealing with the complexities of HR management, organizations can redirect their time and resources toward improving their products, services, and overall business strategy.

Outsourcing HR functions can also lead to cost savings for the organization, such as expenses associated with hiring and maintaining the HR Department.

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Our Talent Management team can provide the following services to suit your needs and help your organization go further.

1. Recruitment

2. HR Managed Services

3. Payroll Processing

4. Human Resource Information System (HRIS) Management

5. Placement and Work Pass Management

6. Customise And Conduct Human Resource Workshops

7. Talent Management And Development Training

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Jayxen Ong

Partner, Talent Management and HR Strategy

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