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Cybersecurity is the application of technologies, processes, controls, and audit of all digital assets to protect and defend hardware, software, services, and data from malicious attacks such as ransomware attacks, phishing, data breaches, identity theft, etc.

The proliferation of cyber-attacks has caused huge financial losses, operational cripple, and reputational damage to organizations. Not only the attacks have become more sophisticated, it is becoming more prevalent and persistent.

A strong cybersecurity strategy and measures can provide good security posture, cyber hygiene, and data protection within the organizations against confidential, integrity, availabilities, authentication, and authorization attacks that are commonly exploited by cyber attackers.

cybersecurity agency singapore
cybersecurity agency singapore

Our Cybersecurity team working with its security community and partners network can offer the following services to mitigate and address Cybersecurity and Data Privacy problems that the organization faces.

– Gap Analysis to measure risks and opportunities
– Risk Assessment, Evaluation, and Identification reports for
remediation actions
– Developing technology strategy to enhance risk management
– Suggest Risk management system framework design and


Ooi Kok Rie

Managing Partner,
Cybersecurity and AI/ML

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