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Press Release: Fly Pipper Consulting Group and Sustainable Technology Centre Forge Strategic Alliance to Propel Cross-Border Sustainability and Business Growth

Singapore, January 05, 2024 – In a landmark move, Fly Pipper Consulting Group Pte. Ltd. and Sustainable Technology Centre (Singapore) Ltd have formalized a strategic alliance through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This pioneering partnership aims to elevate businesses to new heights in sustainable development and market expansion, both locally and internationally.

This collaboration unites Fly Pipper’s extensive market expertise with the innovative prowess of the Sustainable Technology Centre. Together, they are set to offer unparalleled guidance and technical acumen in integrating sustainability practices into business strategies, particularly for organizations venturing into new markets.

A Synergy of Expertise and Innovation

Fly Pipper brings to the table its robust network and proven track record in developing and executing comprehensive go-to-market strategies. These strategies not only accentuate an organization’s competitive edge but also optimize pricing, positioning, distribution channels, and market segmentation. This partnership enables Fly Pipper to contribute significantly to the Sustainable Technology Centre’s cross-border technology initiatives, offering advanced market research, intelligence, and strategic insights.

“Our collaboration with Sustainable Technology Centre marks a significant milestone in our mission to drive business growth through innovation and sustainability. We are excited to merge our market expertise with cutting-edge technology solutions, paving the way for our clients to expand dynamically and sustainably.” said Kok Rie Ooi, Managing Partner at Fly Pipper.

Expanding Horizons with Ground-breaking Technologies

The Sustainable Technology Centre, renowned for its strides in sustainable technology, finds a complementary partner in Fly Pipper. This partnership is set to enhance both entities’ capabilities in cybersecurity, data protection, and notably, satellite technology. These areas are vital components in today’s digital and environmental landscapes.

“We are thrilled about the possibilities this partnership with Fly Pipper opens up,” expressed Melvin Chan, CEO of Sustainable Technology Centre. Their ground-up approach and deep market insights are invaluable as we venture into new territories, especially in the Middle East, with our sustainability and technology projects. The integration of satellite technologies into our initiatives is particularly exciting, as it opens up new avenues for innovation in areas like data security and environmental monitoring.”

Commitment to Sustainable Development

This collaboration is more than a business venture; it’s a commitment to the principles of sustainable development as outlined in the 1987 Brundtland Commission Report by UNESCO.

By embracing the ethos of meeting today’s needs without compromising future generations, Fly Pipper and Sustainable Technology Centre are poised to be frontrunners in fostering environmental, societal, and economic harmony through innovative solutions.

About Fly Pipper Consulting Group Pte. Ltd.

Fly Pipper Consulting Group Pte. Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary boutique consulting company that works with customers in Asia and the Middle East to grow their markets profitably, securely and sustainably.

The 4 main business services are Cybersecurity, AI/ML, Go-To-Market, Talent Management and HR Strategy.

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About Sustainable Technology Centre Ltd

The Sustainable Technology Centre was instituted to drive sustainable technology development by facilitating cross-border collaboration among academic experts, commercial leaders, and government organizations.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between theory and application by collaborating with academic and corporate research labs. By harnessing the power of ground breaking research, we create innovative solutions that drive positive change and are ready for commercialization.

Through strategic collaborations with ESG professionals and impact funds, we foster a supportive ecosystem for talents and projects. As pioneers in the field of ESG, we’ve built a closely-knit community of over 800 members, including global academic institutions, NGOs, and corporations. Our ESG events and knowledge-sharing initiatives pave the way for sustainable growth and corporate recognition. Email: [email protected]

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