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Pioneering the evolution of tech dynamics, FLY PIPPER CONSULTING GROUP empower change, spark innovation, and redefine the future with a dynamic, cutting-edge approach.

About Us

FLY PIPPER Consulting Group

FLY PIPPER is a multi-disciplines boutique consulting company that endeavors to help customers tackle hard problems in their businesses.


Empowering businesses to be Cyber safe and reach their full potential through innovative, tailored, and datadriven solutions. We envision a world where every business, regardless of size or industry, has the tools and insights to make informed decisions, drive growth, and achieve sustainable success.


FLY PIPPER is a team of experienced consultants who specialize in providing expert advice to business owners and organizations. We take pride in our strong partner network and the stellar track records of our team members. Our goal is to be with you every step of the way in your journey and make a difference.

Our Value


We are pleased to announce that FLY PIPPER Consulting Group together with other organizations has joined in pledging support and embrace of the AI Ethics & Governance movement in Singapore.

What We Offer


Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the application of technologies, processes, controls, and audit of all digital assets to protect and defend hardware, software, services, and data from malicious attacks such as ransomware attacks, phishing, data breaches, identity theft, etc.

AI & Machine Learning

Are you struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving AI landscape? Don't let valuable data become a missed opportunity. We'll bridge the gap between cutting-edge technology and your unique business goals as your AI/ML consultant.

Talent Management and HR Strategy

Outsourcing HR functions has become a strong trend as businesses become increasingly specialized and more complex. Many companies previously viewed payroll management, employee benefits, or employee relations as part of the core business.

Join Us

Explore partnership opportunities with us as we invite investors to join our journey, driving innovation and growth in the dynamic tech landscape.

Why Choose Us

Experience the limitless possibilities

Select us for a transformative journey—where our dedication to customer-centric solutions, a visionary approach, and a track record of success converge for your ultimate satisfaction.

Smart Solutions

Elevate your efficiency with our smart solutions, harnessing the power of intelligence to streamline processes and drive sustainable innovation.

Innovative & Reliable

At the core of our ethos lies a commitment to innovation, where groundbreaking ideas meet the bedrock of reliability, ensuring a future-proof solution.


What they say about FLY PIPPER

Choosing FLY PIPPER was a game-changer for our business. Their innovative solutions transformed our operations, and the reliability of their services has consistently exceeded our expectations. A true partner in the technology & HR.

Wei Xiong Tan

Impressed by the seamless integration of technology and reliability, FLY PIPPER has become our go-to for smart solutions. Their commitment to innovation has propelled our business forward, making them an invaluable ally in our success.

Lim Mei Ling

As an investor, I have witnessed FLY PIPPER not just meet but exceed my expectations. Their unwavering commitment to innovation and the proven reliability of their products make them a standout choice in the dynamic world of tech.

Tan Wei Jie

Meet with our Experts

At FLY PIPPER, our success is driven by an expert team of visionaries and technologists, seamlessly blending skill and creativity to navigate the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated professionals are the cornerstone of our achievements, ensuring unparalleled expertise in every endeavor


Ooi Kok Rie

Managing Partner, Cybersecurity and AI/ML


Cindy Gan

Partner, Go-To-Market

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Jayxen Ong

Partner, Talent Management and Human Resource Strategy

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